Thanks for your interest in my Draw a Tiger PDF tutorial!

The direct download link may be found below, BUT FIRST … I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned over the years about drawing with children.

Drawing can provide so many valuable learning opportunities.

Aside from basic art skills, like how to turn a shape into a form, drawing has been known to help students truly absorb what they are learning, encourage creative thinking, and support growth and self confidence. Not bad for something you can basically do with a pencil and piece of paper.

See what a difference step-by-step guides can make.

Years of classroom experience taught me that the best way for students to learn how to draw something new, whether it was with a teacher or by themselves, was to break the project into clear and simple steps. All of my tutorials follow the same simple nine box format to take students from the first step the last, and encourage direction following as well.

Good news! A collection of 200 of my tutorials are available in a jumbo “How to Draw” ebook.

It covers themes like: Animals • Reptiles • Fish • Insects • Birds • Buildings • Landscapes • Plants • People • Transportation • Holiday • and much more!

All are perfect for elementary students learning how to draw. And with over 200 to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Here’s what a few satisfied customers have recently shared.

You are amazing! I use your step by step drawing in the classroom, but now online as well. Your little courses should be a part of the curriculum for kids today. It taps into their creative side, teaches them some basic art skills, helps with math and analytical thinking, and makes them feel calm. Such a huge fan!” — Sharon
I’ve been teaching for several years and I was so excited to discover your tutorials a few years ago. My kids (and I!) have always loved doing directed drawings and they all turn out so cute! Thank you for your beautiful way of teaching art that is simple to follow!
— Jane F.
I appreciate that I can now present drawing projects in a meaningful, step-by-step process that builds my 2nd graders confidence in their abilities. You might not have been present for the lessons, but your lessons have reached so many more! Thank you!
— Sandi G.

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