Reader’s Year of the Rooster Mural

This just in, a finished “Chinese New Year of the Rooster” mural from Alison, a teacher. She opted to use an acrylic paint mixed with a soft gel medium to add some shine. I think this is a brilliant move as I can imagine that oil pastels would tend to smear onto the white. I opt for them most times because of their brilliant color, but they do get messy. Allison added that she … Read More

How to Draw Chinese Lanterns

The Chinese New Year is coming up on January 31, 2014. Aside from learning more about China, students can also use this lesson to practice perspective with the size of the lanterns, and then even the shading if desired. MATERIALS Download Chinese Lantern PDF Tutorial Multimedia paper Black Sharpie marker Oil pastels, I recommend Portfolio brand   DIRECTIONS Follow the tutorial to draw the lanterns in pencil. Trace the drawing with a black Sharpie. … Read More

    Buildings Tutorial

    Overlapping buildings

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