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NEW CA Mission Drawing


Take your 4th grade mission projects to a whole new level with this NEW and COMPLETE California Mission Drawing Guide.

This ebook contains everything you need to help students make their most amazing drawing possible – tutorials, samples, guides and more.


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4th grade mission project4th grade mission projectMany 4th grade mission project ideas involve actual construction of buildings, but students can learn plenty from an architectural drawing project too. Recreating architectural features of missions and learning how to draw in a neat and organized way (like an architect) can teach valuable lessons. It might even give some the inspiration for a possible career path.

With over ten years of making 4th grade mission projects, I’ve found that if you provide them with good tools and inspiration, they just might draw something that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

My first California Mission Drawing ebook included just the line art for all 21 missions. To resolve those previously unanswered questions of “how do I start my drawing?” and “how do I color my drawing?” my newest ebook includes:

  • COLOR SAMPLE. No more guessing or searching through Google.
  • TUTORIAL. Four steps to show how to start and how to finish each and every mission.
  • DESCRIPTION / MATERIALS LIST. Advice on what paper and colored pencils seem to work best.
  • DOT GRID PDF TEMPLATE. Print your own grid paper to aid in drawing straight and with symmetry. It leaves a much light footprint than the previous line grid paper, which could easily leave lines that were hard to cover up.
  • LINE ART SAMPLE. For actual size reference, to see how their drawing is progressing.
  • COLORING PAGE. Finished early? Color another mission that you are fond of.
  • BINDER ART. For the front and spine, so you can make your own just like mine.
  • TUTORIALS FOR: La Purisima, Nuestra Soledad, San Antonio de Padua, San Buenaventura, San Carlos, San Diego, San Fernando Rey, San Francisco de Asis, San Francisco Solano, San Gabriel, San Jose, San Juan Bautista, San Juan Capistrano, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Rey, San Miguel Arcangel, San Rafael Arcangel, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Ines



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