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Elements of Art


Includes twenty-five art projects that explore the Elements of Art, along with lessons about art history, famous artists, and more.



All the projects fit into my 6″ x 9″ Art Journal System, which you can read more about HERE.


Elements of Art Chart, Romero Britto Cat, Delaunay Circles, Giacometti Figure, Robert Indiana, Klimt Tree of Life, Magritte Eye, Matisse Painting, Miro Painting, Mondrian Collage, Monet’s Water Lilies, Rothko Colors, Frank Stella, The White House, Squishy Caterpillar, Cut & Tear City Buildings, Layered Landscape, Geometric to Organic, Contour Line Drawing, Terrarium Painting, Marbles in Space, Country Barn, La Boca Houses, 3D City Buildings, Still Life Painting, Bug Collage


Paper: Drawing, watercolor, fingerpaint paper, black cardstock, color cardstock
Drawing Tools: Pencils, black permanent markers, Sharpies, crayons, pencil crayons, metallic markers
Media: Watercolor, chalk pastel, oil pastel
Misc: Magazines for collage, white glue



  • 25 Art Journal Projects: 12 based on famous artists, and 13 based on various Elements of Art
  • Worksheets for the “Elements of Art”
  • Binder cover art, including spine, so you can create your own binder

BONUS! Art Journal Cover Tutorial

UPDATE: An optional page 4 and 6 with revised “Colour” spelling for Australian English




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