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Easy Way to Draw a Whale

Let the shape of the paper help you make a whale drawing easy for students of all ages. A very long sheet makes a great guide for drawing this very long whale. Simply fold it in half if you want to make it fit in your art journal.

Whale drawing easy
I recommend folding the paper to make the guidelines shown above. They will help students make a whale that is as large as possible, which will make any additional boat look as small as possible. The greater the difference, the bigger the lesson about drawing with proportion (one of the Principles of Design).
If you haven’t tried my recommended Stabilo markers yet, I think they are perfect for a project like this. Students that are interested in adding shadows to their whale can do so just by adding a extra layer of marker. It’s that easy!


For more easy drawing tutorials like this one, please see my Principles of Design” ebook in my PDF Shop.

It’s a collection of projects with an Principles of Design themes, that are simple and designed to with my Recycled Art Journal system.


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  1. PREP: Cut 9″ x 12″ paper in half to make 6″ x 9″ sheets for students.
  2. Draw the pagoda as shown in the tutorial.
  3. Trace it with a blue water base marker.
  4. Fill in the background with the blue marker.
  5. Brush over the lines lightly with a wet brush. Try to keep the strokes to a minimum so the color doesn’t wash away.
  6. Wet the background lightly with the brush too.

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