Pasta Skeleton

Creating skeletons from pasta is a fun way to mix art with science. It helps to give students a line drawing of a skeleton so they can plan the placement of all the “bones”.. MATERIALS • Craft sticks, 24 per student • Glue (Craft glue is recommended) • Pasta: Macaroni, spaghetti, shells and twists • Skeleton System for reference: Here’s … Read More

Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture Project

Louise Nevelson found sculpture project was inspired by her creation of wood assemblages. It’s easy to make with just craft sticks and found objects. MATERIALS Craft sticks, 12 per student Aleene’s Craft Glue Found objects, bottom of the draw stuff Acrylic paint, white or black or gold DIRECTIONS I glued the basic square as shown ahead of time for the … Read More

Craft Stick Mini Stools

Experimenting with craft sticks resulted more in popsicle stick crafts for adults. Oh well, grownups craft too! Think of all the rainbow color mini stool possibilities. • Download Mini Craft Stool PDF tutorial MATERIALS 8 Jumbo sticks Utility scissors Craft glue DIRECTIONS Cut four inside braces. There is a cutting guide on page two of PDF tutorial. Glue the braces together. … Read More

Cute DIY Gift Box

I love the versatility of craft sticks, and these jumbo ones are the best for making cute DIY gift boxes. With summer camps and extra craft time kicking in, these make some pretty stylish little crates, considering these cost only pennies apiece. MATERIALS Craft Stick crate tutorial, PDF download Jumbo craft sticks Junior craft sticks Utility scissors White craft glue … Read More

Gift Card Mosaic Frame

You can recycle those old gift cards with this recycled art project for kids. Cut them up and attach to popsicle sticks for a pretty new picture frame. MATERIALS Jumbo Popsicle sticks, 8 for each frame Utility scissors Craft glue Old gift or expired credit cards, the more the better for color choices   DIRECTIONS Trim the round ends off … Read More

Popsicle Stick Easel Tutorial

My favorite popsicle stick crafts project, no need to buy expensive pre-made easels. I’ve been making these for so long for my mini canvas classes that I thought I’d share an illustrated version. One of my most popular after school classes has been making miniature paintings that display on this easel. The mini canvases come in many fun sizes and … Read More

Clothespin Craft Airplanes with Color

Here’s how my students finished up their clothespin planes, with a little color and string to make their airplanes fly.They make a pretty cute assortment! MATERIALS Clothespins, medium Craft sticks, regular size Craft sticks, mini size Woodsie shapes Wooden beads Woodent dowels String Hot glue gun Tape Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Use a glue gun to attach sticks to … Read More

Clothespin Craft Airplane

My Clothespin Crafts class has lots of little ones, including kinders, so I used hot glue to get these easy crafts airplanes started for them. Their job was to color them with Sharpies and paint markers. MATERIALS Clothespins, medium Craft sticks, regular size Craft sticks, mini size Woodsie shapes Wooden beads Hot glue gun Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Use … Read More

Easy Holiday Ornament

Here’s a holiday ornament idea that fulfills all the requirements of being easy, inexpensive, flexible, and most important, a little sparkly for the students. To make your life really easy, I recommend getting an industrial craft punch like the one shown above. I use mine all the time, mostly for craft stick projects like this. It can even cut through … Read More

Craft Stick Easels

I brought back one of my favorites, popsicle stick art for mini canvases for an after school class. Mini canvases, brush Sharpies and homemade craft stick easels. My lesson was about making art with letters, so they just drew their first initial in block form and decorated it with lots of patterns. A nice, simple way to make a work … Read More

Recycled Pencil Star

This easy Christmas craft comes about from seeing too many half-used pencils in my room. I have boxes of them that are a bit too awkward to hold, but seem too long to throw away. I first tried gluing them together to make a star on their own, but found they need a stable base. Craft sticks work perfectly and … Read More

Craft Stick Loom Project

I tried this craft stick loom project out last year and really liked it as an intro to weaving. The rubber bands did not tear if you pulled on them too hard, and they kept the strips of paper from falling out. Here’s a tutorial for those that would like some printed instructions. • View and download Craft Stick Loom … Read More

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