Draw Perspective


A collection of fun drawing projects to help students learn more about perspective.

Ebook includes:

  • 8 One Point projects and 2 Two Point projects
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Finished sample drawing
  • Templates with pre-printed guide lines
  • Sample line art

There’s even cover art to print and make your own binder!




Now students can learn a bit more about drawing with perspective with the help of some tutorials created specifically for the elementary age level. This new ebook offers ideas and template guides for one and two point perspective projects. They include:

ONE POINT PROJECTS: Wooden Fence, Sunrise Field, Vanish Point Landscape, Fall Boardwalk, City One Point, Room in One Point, Sunset Road, Telephone Pole Road

TWO POINT PROJECTS: City in Two Point Perspective, Room in Two Point Perspective


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