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Drawing Practice Sheets


Students practice matching shapes into an empty box below.

  • 100 different sheets with different shapes to trace
  • The pagination is designed to have the easier pages in the beginning
  • The more complex pages are near the back
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
  • Great for warm ups or early finishers

There’s even cover art to print and make your own binder like this one!


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Why Use Drawing Practice Sheets?

Instead of asking students to draw something familiar, these drawing practice sheets ask them to copy an abstract shape in an empty box below.

Doing so helps students concentrate on copying a drawing without any preconceived idea of what it “should” look like. Or if their drawing looks “good” or not. It’s just practice, but practice that helps you see how accurate you can get within a small square space.

Note: The complexity of the shapes range from those appropriate for kinder and then up to the 5th grade. Each are also numbered so you can more easily tell them apart.

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