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Principles of Design


This eBook includes:

• Ten projects that connect to one or more of the Principles of Design

• A Teacher Instruction and Student Tutorial page for each project

• A Principle of Design worksheet (including a Colour version)

• You can even print the sleeve art shown to make your own binder!


Art standards may come and go, but the Principles of Design will always add a bit more substance to your student’s art lessons. They are a great follow up to the Elements of Art as they share ideas that have just a little more complexity to them.

What’s in this eBook?

This ebook has ten creative projects with layouts like the example shown here, an Instruction page for the teacher, and Tutorial for students.

Those that wish to use them in their Recycled Art Journals (which you can read more about HERE) will find that they fit well on the 6″ x 9″ paper. Those that want larger art can just use larger paper.

Do you prefer to see more of the book so you know what you are getting? No problem, I made a thumbnail layout you can see HERE.

What are the Principles of Design?

The ten Principles of Design are – Emphasis, Balance, Rhythm, Harmony, Pattern, Contrast, Proportion, Unity, Variety and Movement. A worksheet that illustrates the meaning of each word is included, along with a Colour Wheel Page for European countries.

Art Supplies Needed

The projects in this ebook use supplies you probably already have on hand. They are:
Paper: drawing, watercolor, finger paint paper, colored card stock paper
Drawing: Pencils, black permanent markers, Sharpies, crayons, pencil crayons, oil pastels, metallic markers
Media: Watercolor paint (tray and liquid type), chalk pastels, oil pastel
Misc: Bleeding Art Tissue (order online, it must say bleeding), magazines, glue sticks, scissors

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