Mosaic Art with Beans

Mosaic art for kids can happen with simple beans, thanks to all the varieties available. The earliest examples of mosaics have been found at a temple in Mesopotamia, which means this is one of the oldest art forms around. SUPPLIES • Cardboard, 2″ x 2″ or similar rectangle • Dried beans, four or five different types • Craft glue • … Read More

Halloween DIY Signs

I tried these Halloween DIY Signs once in an after school class. Everyone loved that faux burned look, and the messier the letters, the better! These Halloween DIY signs beat fancy printed ones any day. AND you can recycle old cardboard to make them. MATERIALS Large blank sheets of corrugated cardboard Old paper cutter recommended, for chopping up cardboard White … Read More

Make a Halloween Black Paper Cat

The credit for this Halloween projects for kids goes to an old Family Fun Craft book. I just worked out a few details about the size and materials. I had been wanting to find an easy way to have my students work in three dimension, and this project worked great, even for 1st graders. The biggest step they needed help … Read More

A Simple Weaving for Kids

I saw this simple weaving for Kids project on Pinterest (thank you to Artrageous Afternoon!) and loved it immediately. It’s a great way to make a little weaving project have more life than just sitting on a shelf or wall somewhere. MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard Hole punch, heavy duty Old paper cutter, recommended Yarn Beads   DIRECTIONS Cut chipboard to 2.5″ … Read More

Draw a Giant Maple Leaf

You can learn to draw a maple leaf if you break it down into my six simple steps. There’s actually a simple pattern to it.   MATERIALS Download Maple Leaf PDF Tutorial Brown kraft paper, even paper grocery bags Sharpie black marker, chisel tip Crayola Color Sticks Scissors DIRECTIONS Draw a leaf according to the diagram. Trace the leaf with … Read More

Pasta Skeleton

Creating skeletons from pasta is a fun way to mix art with science. It helps to give students a line drawing of a skeleton so they can plan the placement of all the “bones”.. MATERIALS • Craft sticks, 24 per student • Glue (Craft glue is recommended) • Pasta: Macaroni, spaghetti, shells and twists • Skeleton System for reference: Here’s … Read More

Pipe Cleaner Tarantula

  I’ve tried a lot of pipe cleaner animal ideas, and this Tarantula is my favorite in both looks and ease to make. It’s also makes a pretty cool decoration for this time of year. MATERIALS Aluminum can tabs Pipe cleaners, black and brown Scissors   DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut pipe cleaners into 4″ lengths. Students start with one black and … Read More

Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture Project

Louise Nevelson found sculpture project was inspired by her creation of wood assemblages. It’s easy to make with just craft sticks and found objects. MATERIALS Craft sticks, 12 per student Aleene’s Craft Glue Found objects, bottom of the draw stuff Acrylic paint, white or black or gold DIRECTIONS I glued the basic square as shown ahead of time for the … Read More

Craft Stick Mini Stools

Experimenting with craft sticks resulted more in popsicle stick crafts for adults. Oh well, grownups craft too! Think of all the rainbow color mini stool possibilities. • Download Mini Craft Stool PDF tutorial MATERIALS 8 Jumbo sticks Utility scissors Craft glue DIRECTIONS Cut four inside braces. There is a cutting guide on page two of PDF tutorial. Glue the braces together. … Read More

3D Paper Lion Craft

I made this lion craft project with Pacon Premium Tagboard, which had the color and quality I needed. I had to make sure my lion stood up when finished! MATERIALS Download Paper Lion Craft Tutorial, 4 pages Tagboard: yellow, orange, white, pink Paper cutter Sharpie marker, black Glue stick Scissors Crayons or markers for map DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut tagboard to … Read More

Cute DIY Gift Box

I love the versatility of craft sticks, and these jumbo ones are the best for making cute DIY gift boxes. With summer camps and extra craft time kicking in, these make some pretty stylish little crates, considering these cost only pennies apiece. MATERIALS Craft Stick crate tutorial, PDF download Jumbo craft sticks Junior craft sticks Utility scissors White craft glue … Read More

Gift Card Mosaic Frame

You can recycle those old gift cards with this recycled art project for kids. Cut them up and attach to popsicle sticks for a pretty new picture frame. MATERIALS Jumbo Popsicle sticks, 8 for each frame Utility scissors Craft glue Old gift or expired credit cards, the more the better for color choices   DIRECTIONS Trim the round ends off … Read More

Friendship Bracelet

I made a visual aid to help show how to make a friendship bracelet. It’s really just one step that is repeated, so totally doable for older elementary students. My school’s 4th graders once started the year off with a friendship theme, so I needed a visual to teach students how to make make these, sometimes 35+ students at once. … Read More

Cake Sculpture, Miniature Style

3D art projects for kids are easy, if you start with Crayola’s Model Magic. They make natural colors that look just like chocolate and caramel. You can even use math for this project when circles are cut into quarters. Fractions have never looked so yummy. MATERIALS • Model Magic, naturals • Model Magic, assorted colors • Manila folder, or similar … Read More

Popsicle Stick Easel Tutorial

My favorite popsicle stick crafts project, no need to buy expensive pre-made easels. I’ve been making these for so long for my mini canvas classes that I thought I’d share an illustrated version. One of my most popular after school classes has been making miniature paintings that display on this easel. The mini canvases come in many fun sizes and … Read More

Cardboard Craft Building

 I’ve found that if I just precut some house shapes for a corrugated cardboard craft class, students as young as kinder can easily “build” something and learn how to construct and decorate a house. This adorable house was made by a talented kinder named Audrey. I believe she is six years old but has the focus of someone twice her … Read More

Little Cardboard House

Here is one of my most popular cardboard art projects from one of my after school classes. Great for learning how to make forms from shapes. It takes some time to precut the pieces for little ones, but they have a ball “building” their own little house afterwards. MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard, 12″ squares (I found mine at a local Box … Read More

Cinco de Mayo Craft

Cinco de Mayo, celebrated on May 5th, is widely accepted as a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. Decorating food containers to look like sugar skulls is a fun and easy Cinco de Mayo craft for students of all ages. This is just one of the featured projects in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book, now available at Amazon … Read More

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