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Art Box Portfolios

kids artwork storage Still looking for a good way to store lots of student artwork? I found this pizza box solution years ago. Just fold them inside out to get a plain brown box.

Out kinder teachers keep them until spring and then send them home at Open House. A tried and true system for over five years.


  • Pizza boxes, I like 14″
  • Black chisel tip marker for names
  • Templates
  • Markers (Crayola Metallic Markers look great on the brown paper)
  • Masking tape


  1. PREP: Fold the boxes inside out so no printing is showing. Tape the top temporarily shut to keep it from popping open while being colored.
  2. Students use templates and markers to decorate the box tops as desired.
  3. Teachers write the students name on the sides of the boxes. Love the neat penmanship of the teacher who did hers above.