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Homemade Art Box Portfolios

All you need is a pizza box to make a homemade art portfolio. Just fold it inside out for a plain brown box with all kinds of decorating possibilities.

kids artwork storage

Kinder teachers really loved this system as the boxes could easily be stacked and sorted with ease. Many kept them until spring and then sent them with parents at Open House.

They preferred to have their kids use stencils and markers to decorate them, so they could be done in one day, but older kids could design their own covers. The combination of black and metallic colors will show off all kinds of designs.

kids artwork storageMATERIALS

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  1. PREP: Fold the boxes inside out so no printing is showing. Tape the top temporarily shut to keep it from popping open while being colored.
  2. Students use templates and markers to decorate the box tops as desired.
  3. Teachers write the students name on the sides of the boxes. Love the neat penmanship of the teacher shown here.

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