Easy Face Drawing Tutorial

Try this easy drawing tutorial to make sure your students fill their paper, and probably make a pretty cool abstract face at the same time. I used it with kinders for years, and fell in love with the Picasso-ish results. This project works great with all kinds of media, and creates a lot of big spaces that are easily colored … Read More

Paul Klee Castle Drawing

Paul Klee was an abstract artist who made lots of simple paintings that are fun to imitate. Students can create the look of his “Castle and Sun” painting by tracing geometric cardboard shapes, and then filling in with pencil crayons. This drawing is a good example of many of the Elements of Art. It uses Lines to make Shapes, that … Read More

Monet Water Lily Art Project

To create a Claude Monet art project, try painting his water lilies with watercolor and oil pastels. They both create very different textures, which is one of the Elements of Art. • Download Claude Monet’s Water Lilies Tutorial MATERIALS • Watercolor paper (For special occasions, try this Strathmore brand)* • Oil pastels: yellow, peach, pink, light green and white* • … Read More

Simple Cats to Draw

If you are looking for simple drawings for kids to copy, try sharing this “Jazzy Cat” painting. One of my students, Zack, was inspired to make this adorable drawing. I think it’s up there with my all time faves drawings by kids, and is even included in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book on Amazon. The secret to having … Read More

Elements of Art: Texture Owl

Adding elements of art (texture) to a project can be as simple as crumpling up an old phone book page, painting it and drawing on top. This technique could be applied to any art that might benefit from a few bumps and wrinkles. MATERIALS Multimedia paper Old phone book Glue stick White acrylic paint Black Sharpie marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Tear … Read More

Draw 3D Buildings

My favorite 3D drawing step by step tutorial is also an excellent example of turning a Shape into a Form (both Elements of Art). If you have purchased my “Recycled Art Journal” ebook, this project is an excellent addition as it covers three Elements of Art in one lesson. You will just need to trim the paper to the journal’s … Read More

Art Projects for Kids