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  • Spring Projects eBook


    Lots of Spring themed art projects in one fun ebook!

    • 20 fun and easy lessons

    • All include student tutorial and finished full size sample

    • You can even print the sleeve art shown to make your own binder!


  • Botanicals, Fish and Insects


    Newly combined, three books with drawing and painting tutorials for Botanicals, Fish and Insects.

    Each include a full page sample, student tutorial, coloring page, and gray line art for tracing.


  • California Missions


    A collection of drawing tutorials for all 21 Missions in California, which include:

    • Finished drawing of each mission

    • Sample line drawing on grid paper for reference

    • Step by step tutorials

    • Matching grid template to print

    There’s even cover art to print and make your own binder like this one!


  • Leap Year Spring Art Projects Pack


    FIVE St. Patrick’s Day: Leprechaun, Four Leaf Clover, Leprechaun Feet, Leprechaun Hat, Celtic Knot

    FIVE Spring: Rainbow, Daffodil, Plants, Birds, Butterfly

    THREE Easter Projects: Easter Bunny, Easter Egg, Chick

    TWO Spring Murals: Happy Vegetables, Mini Floral Set

    TWO Ebooks: Spring Projects and Botanicals, Fish & Insects

  • Draw Buildings Pack


    Inspire your budding architects with this how to draw buildings bundle.

    Now you can get three popular ebooks: Draw Landscapes, World Landmarks and California Missions for one very low price.



  • Draw Halloween eBook


    Now all your Halloween Drawing projects are in one fun ebook!

    • 25 fun and easy Halloween themed drawing lessons

    • All include student tutorial and finished full size sample

    • You can even print the sleeve art shown to make your own binder!


  • Extra Long Projects


    Try giving your art projects a new look by working with a long and narrow paper.

    • 12 Art Journal Projects, including line drawing, color mixing, collage, and tissue painting
    • All tutorials and templates included
    • Cover art, including spine, so you can create your own binder
  • Egyptian Drawing


    A collection of drawing tutorials to help students learn more about ancient Egyptian life.

    • 20 different projects
    • Step-by-step tutorials for each
    • Line art samples

    There’s even cover art to print and make your own binder!


  • 50 Drawing Prompts


    A collection of drawings designed inspire creative thinking, which include:

    • 50 different sketches

    • All are drawn with pencils so they blend with the new drawing

    • An intro page to suggest how to use the prompts

    • Cover art so you can create your own binder


  • Léger Portraits Ebook

    Drawing portraits like Léger can teach lots of valuable lessons. This ebook includes:
    • Four complete step by step tutorials for variations of faces
    • Variations cover long hair, short hair, curly hair and glasses
    • Overview Sheet of Léger’s importance as an artist
    • Objective Sheet that outlines what students are to learn from this lesson
  • Draw Symbols of China


    The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 1st this year.

    Now classrooms can join in the fun by learning how to draw many of the common symbols of China.

    Each project includes a step-by-step tutorial, full-sized color sample and full size line drawing for easy classroom viewing.


  • Drawing Children


    An assortment of nine children drawing tutorials that include:

    • Children in different clothing and backgrounds
    • Full page step-by-step tutorials for each with finished sample
    • Extra page for easy facial expressions to draw
    • Tracing page for each of nine children shown
    • For extra support, a template page that includes step 1


  • Hanukkah Drawing


    Ten fun and easy step-by-step drawing tutorials with a Hanukkah theme.

    The finished drawings can make a very special homemade card or holiday art to frame.