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Léger Portraits Ebook


Drawing portraits like Léger can teach lots of valuable lessons. This ebook includes:
• Four complete step by step tutorials for variations of faces
• Variations cover long hair, short hair, curly hair and glasses
• Overview Sheet of Léger’s importance as an artist
• Objective Sheet that outlines what students are to learn from this lesson


Fernand Léger was a French painter, sculptor and filmmaker who lived back in the early 1900s. His bold and simple treatment of modern subject matter made him a forerunner of Pop Art.

Now students can try on his style of drawing faces, and get lots of support for different styles of hair, and even how to add glasses.

This ebook includes four different tutorials, with matching line drawings, and even a large Overview and Object Sheet to display for your students, so it is clear what you want them to learn from this lesson.

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