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Folk Art Cat for Kids

Folk Art for kids makes perfect sense as the very definition is about untrained artists. The more “child like” your art is, the more folksy it is.

Folk Art for kids


• Download my Folk Art Cat Tutorial
Watercolor paper*
• Sharpie marker, fine point*
• Liquid watercolor paint*
• Crayons*

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1. Draw a cat with very simple shapes. Start with the circle head, oval body, simple legs and tail, and add ears and face. Trace all with a black crayon.

2. Add details with crayons: stripes on legs, spots, whiskers, colored eyes and stars in the background. Last detail? Draw white claws with a white crayon.

3. Paint the cat and background as desired with watercolor paint. Be sure to go over the crayon, and not just around it.

Folk Art for kids

Here’s another color option, with a brightly colored frame.

Folk Art for kids

Get a print friendly version of this diagram above by downloading my PDF tutorial. It’s shared in the Materials list.


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  1. Julie Bales

    Hello Wonderful, generous lady!!I am a first grade teacher and love reading your blog and trying out some of your ideas. I just wanted to share a Folk art project I did with my students last year. I think they turned out pretty cute. Thanks for taking the time to share!!!
    /Users/juliebales/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2016/02/29/20160229-153226/b+r28KVdRDSIIxjRRb9Q4w/thumb_IMG_0299_1024.jpg
    /Users/juliebales/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2017/04/13/20170413-015818/2NeP1XIeTP+SCXeirygXAw/thumb_IMG_0265_1024.jpg
    I sure hope you can see them. I’m not quite sure how to share a photo!


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