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How to Draw an Easy Cow

Learn how to draw an easy cow with a step by step tutorial. The simple shapes make it the perfect project for student’s first cow drawing.

How to Draw an Easy Cow
Finished drawing of an Easy Cow

One of the best lessons I learned from kinder teachers was to always begin every art lesson by reading a story, the more closely related to the project the better. It calmed the group down, focused their attention, and gave them some visual clues about what was coming up. Sometimes a favorite book would inspire the project, and sometimes the project had me seeking out a matching book. Either way worked, the point was to just make sure there was a book.

This simple cow drawing was a favorite as it was based on very simple shapes, but had a few more details that made it look more like a cow, and not just a box with legs. The triangle added to the chest kind of mimics the way the head juts out, and the layered legs allow for and udder that looks like it’s really between them, and not just an afterthought.

If you are lucky enough to have supplies, this makes a great first painting project too. Students only need a couple of colors and can focus on getting the paint to behave in the way that they want.

How to Draw an Easy Cow
Preview of the Easy Cow Tutorial



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Cow

  1. Draw a large rectangle.

  2. Add a triangle shape on the left side.

  3. Erase the gray line. Draw a U shaped head.

  4. Again, erase the gray line and add two ears.

  5. Add in the face and draw two legs.

  6. Draw an udder.

  7. Draw two more legs in the back.

  8. Add a tail, spots, grass line and clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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