This tree silhouette art is a multimedia project using chalk pastel and tempera cake paint.

Each media does what they do best – make fuzzy backgrounds and opaque coloring.

Multimedia paper
• Old CD for tracing
Chalk pastels (blue and purple recommended)
Tempera cake paint, black
• Paint brush, water

1. Students traced a CD on a 9″ x 12″ sheet of paper. The background of the “moon” was colored with blue and purple chalk pastel by shading and then blending with fingers. Take care to not make too much chalk dust so the moon stays clean and white.
2. Black tempera cake worked well for the trees. No need to draw, just start by painting lines and then adding details. With generous brushing with water, the color gets very opaque and flowed from the brush. I had my 1st graders paint centered, straight trees, but 2nd on up distorted them by making them angle up from the corners. Students were encouraged to make a thick trunk with lots of branches that gradually end with pointy tips.

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