ATC Line Art

ATC-Line-Art-739x1024This exercise is to take a color photo and create a world around it using only a thin black marker. After all, if a drawing looks interesting before it even has any color, you’re on your way to a really nice work of art. To shortcut the magazine process, I’ve found these free images online and have created a blank template for those without access to make their own.

• View and download ATC Line Art Template

1. Print out a sheet for each student, preferably on card stock or good drawing paper.

2. Challenge students to create a detailed world in each. Pencil is good to start, then trace with pen.

3. I use a paper cutter to cut the cards out after students are done. It’s easier to draw on the larger format.

4. Slide all the cards in a trading card sleeve, which you can find online or even at Staples.



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  1. Cassie

    This looks like a great art project for my 4th graders. It’s a great connection to the idea of “drawing to scale” THanks

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