Mayflower diagramI drew this Mayflower ship with my students last fall and was happy to see so many make beautifully detailed ships. Try drawing on kraft paper from the scrapbook dept. at Michaels and those sails just pop off the page.

• View and download Mayflower Tutorial

6 Responses

  1. Kierra

    I am so happy about this project

  2. Lisa

    What grade did this project?

  3. kathybarbro

    Actually, pencil crayons are best for getting the whitest white on the sails. Thanks for asking, I should have added that.

  4. Leah

    is this done in crayon or oil pastel?

  5. Julia

    Thank you for this NON-TURKEY Thanksgiving idea:)

  6. Carole Beard

    Very nice! I’m glad you made this a class project.

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