Nutcracker Mural

Make your own holiday decorations with my Nutcracker coloring mural template. When the finished pages are taped together, he will stand almost 6 feet tall. PDF FILE INCLUDES: 28 Coloring … Read More

How to Draw a Nutcracker
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Learn how to draw a nutcracker that touches the top and bottom of your paper and you’re guaranteed to always fill the paper. This project works great with students of … Read More

Draw a Giant Nutcracker Step by Step
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Making a giant nutcracker drawing, step by step, is so much easier when you can follow a diagram that shows you how to fill any size paper you might have. … Read More

Draw a Nutcracker with Fancy Decorations
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Drawing a nutcracker provides valuable body proportion practice. Watch the length of the arms and legs to make sure they are not too long or short. MATERIALS Draw a Nutcracker … Read More

Christmas + Hanukkah

Total of 34 fun and easy step-by-step drawing tutorials

24 Christmas and 10 Hanukkah projects to choose from

Turn the finished drawings into special homemade cards or holiday art to frame… Read More

Christmas Drawing

Try these easy Christmas drawing projects and make a very special homemade card or holiday art to frame.

Includes a step by step tutorial for each.

 … Read More

Crayola Metallic Markers
  • Non-toxic metallic markers make your artwork shine
  • Add shimmery effects to both light and dark paper!
  • Great for paper, posters and crafts
  • 8 shimmery colors: Blue, Silver, Gold, Black, Green, Copper, Purple, Pink

 … Read More

How to Draw a Poinsettia
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Here’s one way to draw a poinsettia, with a step-by-step tutorial. Once you see the formula it follows, it’s easy to draw more. LIKE THIS PROJECT? There are many more … Read More

Mini Christmas Murals 2

When you want celebrate Christmas with special decorations, but just have a door or small wall to spare, try this mini mural collection.

You can make a mural of a Victorian Town, Pop Art wreath and a Nutcracker.

Just print, color and tape together for a quick and easy mini mural that finishes in no time.

Especially if everyone works together.

 … Read More

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