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Frankenstein Drawing

Make a Frankenstein drawing, with this easy step by step tutorial. The hair, screws and hunchback are all you need to know exactly who he is.

frankenstein drawing

This exaggerated hunchback pose lets you draw Frankenstein with a little different look. This time his back is so hunched over that it’s actually higher than his head! Not to worry though, he’s still full on simple, symmetrical shapes, which make him easy to recreate.

Start with his head near the top of the paper, draw his bent body around it, and he’ll look like he’s barely fitting on your paper. Rather fitting for someone who is supposed to be so tall!


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Time needed: 45 minutes.


  1. Make the center guidelines. Start drawing the head.

  2. Draw the chin. Add a zig zag hair line.

  3. Draw the mouth, and eyes, and two screws.

  4. Finish the details of the face, and start the back.

  5. Continue the sleeve and side of shirt.

  6. Finish the shirt with a zig zag hem.

  7. Draw two simple legs and feet.

  8. Finish with two simple hands, and a horizon line.

  9. Trace with pencil drawing with a black marker and color as desired.

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