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Easy How to Draw a Dreidel Tutorial and Dreidel Coloring Page

Learn how to draw a dreidel for Hanukkah and make it look like it has some dimension to it. Adding a few shadows will always help too.

Dreidel Drawing

A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Each side of the dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The geometric form of the dreidel gives students practice in drawing a cube-like shape that has some dimension. The sides and point are simple, but there is room for adding a few shadows at the end too.

Use the Button below to download a PDF Tutorial

Dreidel Coloring Page

Materials for a Dreidel Drawing

Directions to Draw a Dreidel Step by Step

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Dreidel

  1. Draw a diagonal line.

  2. Add an arrow at one end.

  3. Connect the two points.

  4. Add the two sides.

  5. Add lines to the stick end.

  6. Draw rectangle lines inside.

  7. Add a Hebrew letter.

  8. Draw another, erase lines inside.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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  1. Hi Christopher, that would be just fine with me! I love making drawing easier for as many people as I can. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Hi,

    I enjoy looking and reading through your daily drawing plans. I know they are for children, but I think about how adults should enjoy them as well. (This adult, at least.) I keep a blog in which I post poetry I’ve written, mostly each day. I’m sure to write about Hanukkah and would like to share your link (page and .pdf) for drawing and coloring a dreidel. Would that be all right, please? Certainly, I’d want you to have the credit! Thank you. (Oh, I make no money off my site.)

    Christopher Couch

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