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How to Draw VOTE Burst Letters

Learn how to draw burst letters with this step by step tutorial. It’s also a reminder of how important it is to take part our electoral process.

how to draw burst letters
how to draw burst letters

Students might have Halloween on their mind about 24/7 these days, but there’s also an important day coming up this year on November 3rd.

Elementary students may be quite a few years off from actually voting, but it’s never too early for them to look forward to the day when they actually can. It’s a right that did not come easy to many, and should never be taken for granted. The more active participation in our political process, the better everyone is represented.

This tutorial shows students to make the V-O-T-E block letters, and then add a fun cartoon burst in the background. Cartoon lettering 101 AND a reminder about this importance of voting? Not a bad two for one.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw VOTE Burst Letters

  1. Write spread out V-O-T-E-! stick letters.

  2. Turn all the sticks into block letters.

  3. Erase the stick letter lines.

  4. Add drop shadow lines to the side.

  5. Fill in shadow with black marker.

  6. Draw a large burst in the background. Make sure letters are breaking out in places.

  7. Add a smaller matching burst inside.

  8. Trace all lines with a thick black marker.

  9. Fill in with patriotic colors.

How to Draw Cartoon Letters
how to draw burst letters

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