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Draw Cartoon Letters

If students learn how to draw cartoon letters, they can have fun adding it to their art, or reports or book covers, whatever appeals to them.

art journal for kids

Years of experimenting in the classroom helped me develop a very inexpensive way to make art journals with hundreds of students, for just pennies apiece. And rather than create more work they actually streamlined the classroom process.

Whenever possible, I would provide students with corrugated cardboard for the cover. After watching too many of them just scribble their name on the front, I started making cover art one of the projects. This cartoon lettering was a favorite. You can read more about my Recycled Art Journals HERE.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Cartoon Letters

  1. Lightly draw large capital ART stick letters.

  2. Trace around the stick letters to turn them into block letters.

  3. Trace the block letters with a marker. Erase pencil lines.

  4. Draw a burst in pencil. Note: It MUST be smaller than the letters.

  5. Erase all the burst lines inside the block letters.

  6. Trace small burst lines with a black marker. Draw a larger burst around the outside.

  7. Trace the larger burst with the marker.

  8. Use the marker to draw a shadow on the bottom and right of each letter.

  9. Color with markers, using contrasting colors.

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