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How to Draw Girls

A fun way to learn how to draw a girl is by starting with a really oversized head. It not only creates a cartoon quality, but leaves a ton of space for some very expressive eyes. Scroll down for more options.

How to Draw a Girl

Many young artists that I know of, love to draw really large eyes with the reflection spot in them, which I imagine is inspired by the anime craze. Making a drawing this way with the head extra large leaves plenty of room to add all kinds of details in the eyes.

And the best circle template for the job? Old CDs. Try keeping a stash in your classroom as they come in handy all the time.

How to Draw a Girl


As you can see, the boys have not been left out of this tutorial, there’s a diagram included for them too.

An extra tip? Point out how the hair on the top of the head really needs to be added on. The circle really is the skin, so to speak, so the hair will always look very flat if the students don’t take the time to draw the hair above and around the circle.


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1. Trace the CD. Draw two eyes.
2. Finish the face and hair.
3. Draw the body. Trace and color with markers.

How to Draw a Girl

Draw a French Girl

Here’s a little girl drawing easy enough for even beginner artists. You can have some fashion design fun with a beret, scarf or more.

little girl drawing easy

There are at least three benefits to drawing people with oversized heads. One, it’s easier. There’s obviously a lot more room to work with. Two, it’s cuter, as shown in this sample. And three, it makes you a cartoon artist who can play around with the proportion. Congratulations!



  1. Prep: Print tutorial for each student.
  2. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases.
  3. Students follow the tutorial to draw the little girl in pencil.
  4. Trace the drawing with a black marker.
  5. Color her carefully with crayons.

Draw a Girl in a Kimono

easy people to draw



  1. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases.
  2. Students follow the tutorial to draw the girl in pencil. Tip: an old CD makes a great circle template.
  3. The girl is traced with a black marker.
  4. The girl is colored carefully with crayons.

Draw a Pigtail Girl


How to Draw Kids Cheat Sheet


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