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How to Draw a Girl in a Dress

Learn how to draw a girl with some very simple shapes. This one is perfect for those just learning how to draw bodies.

Children learning how to draw, particularly when it comes to bodies, sometimes just need to see some an example of how clothes can look, and how arms and legs are attached to them.

You can also see How to Draw a Boy which shows a child in shorts and tee shirt. Girls that prefer to draw themselves in shorts, but might want see how pigtails are added, could use a little of both projects.

This tutorial is targeted for those that want to go the dress route, which could be fun to customize and decorate too.



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Girl

  1. Draw a circle for the head.

  2. Add a hair line with bangs.

  3. Draw eyes, nose and a mouth.

  4. Add two pigtails.

  5. Draw a neck and simple dress.

  6. Add two legs and feet below.

  7. Draw two arms.

  8. Add a pocket and ground line.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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