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Little Cardboard House

Here is one of my most popular cardboard art projects from one of my after school classes. Great for learning how to make forms from shapes.

cardboard art projects

It takes some time to precut the pieces for little ones, but they have a ball “building” their own little house afterwards.



  1. I found clean corrugated cardboard boxes and precut the 6 pieces for each student as shown above. A big old chopping-style paper cutter is the best way to go.
  2. Students used masking tape to tape the four sides together.
  3. The two roof pieces were taped together. Tacky glue was applied to the side tops, and the roof was placed on it. The tacky glue really works so great as it goes on thick and keeps pieces from sliding around too much.
  4. Students used scraps of cardboard to make window and door details, and then added decorations with Sharpies.

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