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Miro on Coffee Filters

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If you’ve ever painted on a flat coffee filter, you’ll know how fun it is to watch the color seep and spread and grow.

miro for kids

That’s what got me started with trying to find a fun new way for pre-K students practice drawing shapes. The fact that the end result looks a lot like Miro’s artwork is just a bonus.



PREP: Draw a variety of outlined shapes on a sheet of copy paper and xerox for each student. Iron large coffee filters with a steam iron so they are flat.

  1. Students place a coffee filter over the copy paper and trace with a chisel tipped black Sharpie. They move the filter as desired and keep tracing until the circle is full.
  2. Liquid watercolor is used to trace all the shapes with a small brush. Let dry.
  3. The filter is glued to a sheet of copy paper to make the colors more opaque. The art is cropped and glued to a sheet of black card stock paper, and signed with a white paint poster marker.

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