Draw a Hand Tree

Hand TreeI saw this idea on Artsonia.com, and love showing kids how lines can give dimension to their art.

1. The students first trace their hand on a piece of paper. When finished, they should make the tops of their fingers very pointy.
2. Vertical lines are drawn as shown. The more irregular they are, the better. When complete, the lines can be traced with a marker.
3. Demonstrate to the students how they can place their marker on a vertical line and “jump”, or make an arch to the next line. It’s best to start at the bottom and work upwards. When they reach a finger, the lines become just single “jumps”.
4. Leaves may be added around the tree, and grass in the background.
5. Color with crayons or colored pencils. Note: This can make a spooky Halloween drawing if done on black paper with white pencil crayons.

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  2. Jessica S.

    BTW –Love your site!

  3. Linda Huggins

    aww cute thx a lot……….my 2nd grade kids will luv it =)

  4. shishkabob

    Hello! With the billons of dollars in budget cuts Florida has faced over the past years, classroom teachers now teach not only the core curriculum but also music, PE, and art. While searching for art activities and projects for my 1st graders, I stumbled upon your site. How pivitol it has been for me and my art curriculum! We were studying living and non-living things in science and this tree fit in perfectly! It was also a big hit during open house! Since the tree, we have completed the cat head, and the fireworks. This week we will be drawing cows. My students love the projects as do the other 1st grade teachers at my school! Thank you very much for such an amazing site. I LOVELOVE the easy directions and also the pictures. It makes my life easier and way more fun! 🙂
    Thank you again!
    Julia Larson
    1st grade teacher
    Miami, Fl

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