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How to Draw a Rose

Learn how to draw an easy rose, with enough detail to make the flower look dimensional, but not so much to make it difficult to do.

how to draw a rose
how to draw a rose

When it comes to drawing something that says “I love you”, you can’t do much better than drawing a lovely rose. The bright red petals and contrasting green stem just have a pop that not many other flowers have.

When it comes to drawing one, however, all those pretty petals can get pretty complicated, especially if students attempt to make a lot of them. This tutorial will show them how pretty a single rose can be, with just a few delicate petals, and a slightly curving stem. They can lose all the frustration of drawing a complicated flower, without losing any of the charm.


• Draw a Rose PDF Tutorial (click to open PDF)
• Drawing paper
• Black Sharpie
• Crayons


Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Rose

  1. Draw an oval.

  2. Add two curved lines.

  3. Connect the bottom.

  4. Add two petals. Erase line inside.

  5. Draw a swirl.

  6. Add details, and erase the line.

  7. Draw curved stem.

  8. Finish with leaves and thorns.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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