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How to Draw a Donkey

Learn how to draw a Donkey with this easy step by step tutorial. This one is based on simple shapes so artists of all ages can enjoy drawing one.

How to Draw a Donkey
Drawing of a Donkey

Donkeys live all over the world these days, but they actually originated in North Africa over 5,000 years ago. Egyptians used them as working animals, and today they can still be found doing jobs like transporting people and goods and tilling fields.

Donkeys prefer warm, dry desert like conditions. Though they usually eat grass, they also eat shrubs and desert plants, grinding them down with their teeth.

This new tutorial will help students draw an animal that most definitely looks like a donkey, and not a funny looking horse. Donkeys have shorter legs, bigger heads and much longer ears. My step by step tutorial will shown students how it’s done, from start to finish, so their animal drawing will never look like anything else except a most adorable donkey!

How to Draw a Donkey
Preview of the step by step Donkey tutorial



Time needed: 45 minutes.

  1. Draw an oval for the belly.

  2. Start the head above and to the right

  3. Connect the two with a neck.

  4. Erase gray lines and add face and ear

  5. Erase, draw the mane behind the ear.

  6. Add back ear and two legs.

  7. Erase lines, add tail and two more legs.

  8. Add a ground, flower and sky.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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