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How to Draw a Simple Owl

Learn how to draw an owl that is filled with lots of bright colors, pretty patterns and set against a dark nighttime sky.

Draw a Simple Owl

Add some extra fun by bringing out metallic markers when the paint has completely dried. The silver marker will make great stars, but you can experiment with the others too. Try adding extra lines beside the black ones to add a little extra sparkle to your artwork.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw an Owl

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a curve.

  2. Add a large U below.

  3. Draw two ears and a beak.

  4. Draw two large circles.

  5. Draw inside eyes and wings.

  6. Add claws and a chin line.

  7. Draw patterns on wings and chest.

  8. Draw a branch under the claws.

  9. Trace with black marker and paint with watercolor. Add silver marker lines.

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