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Easy How to Draw Planets Tutorial

Learn how to draw planets with an easy step by step tutorial. Once you know how to draw the rings, you can even make up your own solar system.

How to Draw Planets
Drawing of Planets

Our solar system consists of a sun and lots of objects, including planets, that move around it. Some are small and rocky, and some are large and gaseous. There is even something called the asteroid belt – a region filled with millions of rocky objects. They are left over from when the planets formed, 4.5 billion years ago.

Children that are just learning about our solar system can have a little fun imagining what outer space looks like by drawing planets with their colorful rings. Once they grasp how easy it is to add those ovals around the center, they can draw them anywhere on the paper, in any scale they’d like.

A lesson about outer space is also the perfect time to practice a little easy perspective. Some planets can be small and far away, and some so close up they go off the page. Having some of each is what creates variety and makes a drawing more interesting to look at.

Example of a circle template

If you’d like to have children focus on the placement of their planets, and not so much on drawing perfect circles, then a circle template might be worth investing in. Many quilting supply places sell them, just look for one that has a wide range of sizes.

Lastly, to mix things up a bit, I recommend using black card stock paper and metallic markers. Aside from being so fun to draw with, those colors pop off the page, and all those stars are made with a tap on the paper. And what other subject matter is better for bright colors on black paper than a drawing about planets in outer space?

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How to Draw Planets

Materials for How to Draw Planets

Directions for How to Draw Planets Step by Step

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Planets

  1. Draw a medium circle on the left.

  2. Add a smaller circle up on the right.

  3. Draw a large circle going off the page.

  4. Add an assortment of smaller circles.

  5. Draw some inner rings as shown.

  6. Add outer the outer rings.

  7. Erase line inside rings. Add patterns.

  8. Finish with lots of tiny circle stars.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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