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Paper Crafts

Thanks to craft paper punches, this cactus craft project is totally doable, even for large groups.

I love how the card stock comes in multiple shades of green so you can mix things up a bit. Dark spikes on light green, and visa versa. So much more interesting than if they were all the same.

• Miniature clay pot, about 2″ tall*
• Model Magic (leftovers or any brown color)
• Craft paper punch, 3″ circle*
• Star paper punch*
• Recollections cardstock green paper*
• Red card stock paper
• Green markers, various shades
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Craft glue
• Small stick (Michaels has matchsticks)

1. Fill the pot to the top with Model Magic. This is a good time to use up leftovers to may have around.
2. Students get six circles of their choice of green paper. To make the cactus, they fold each in half and crease. Each half circle is glued in a sandwich fashion, and lastly the two ends are glued together to make a complete fan shape. I recommend a minimum of six circles, but more (to a point) would look even better.
3. Draw cactus lines on all sides with a marker.
4. Cut tiny spikes from leftover green paper and glued around the sides with a glue stick.
5. Place the match stick in the pot, and the cactus slides on top.
6. The flower is made from two red stars and a bit of yellow Model Magic that is glued together with craft glue.

Gum Wrapper Chain

gum wrapper paper chain
gum wrapper paper chain

I like to use patterned scrapbook paper that comes in pads at craft stores. They have built in coordinated papers that already made to go with each other. Just be sure to get the regular paper weight and not the heavier stock as it would be more difficult to fold.


  • Scrapbook pattern paper
  • Paper cutter
  • Stapler


  1. Use a paper cutter to make LOTS of strips of paper that are 1″ x 10″ in length.
  2. To make each link, the students must fold each strip in half, wrong sides together, and make a crease. The strip is opened, and each side in folded in half again. Lastly, both sides fold together, much like a book is folded. Press all edges to crease and make flat. The final should look like “bunny ears”, or two loops. Repeat for all links.
  3. Follow the diagram to link chain together.
  4. Size the length of the bracelet to be large enough to just slip over the hand and then staple together.

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