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Leaf Line Drawing

If you mix a line art lesson plan with a seasonal template, you might come up with something like this Leaf Line Drawing project.

I created this leaf template years ago, after getting inspired by some Zentangle ideas. It also works well when studying lines as an element of art.

The goal, as you can see, is to fill the leaf sections with as many different patterns as possible, the smaller and more detailed the better. Large and sloppy patterns will get you ho-hum results. However, small and detailed and varied patterns, will create something you just might want to frame and hang on a wall.


There are many more line themed projects in my LINE ART PORTRAITS ebook.

Now you can easily make all kinds of line art portraits simply by printing out a template and drawing a body back in, just the way you want it.

All were created with lots of hands on classroom testing, and designed to take beginner artists from the first step to the last with clear and simple diagrams.


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  1. Print a Line Art Leaf on drawing paper.
  2. Students trace the outside edge with a thin black marker.
  3. They fill in each section with a different pattern, making it as small and detailed as possible. Encourage them to look around them for pattern ideas inspiration. Patterns can be found almost anywhere you look.

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