How to Draw a Turkey

How to draw a Turkey
Turkey Inspiration. Marker, coffee painting, tempera and white marker examples.

How to draw a Turkey diagramLooking for some turkey art inspiration? Here are some variations I’ve tried over the years. Marker, watercolor, tempera and poster markers – they all start with this PDF tutorial that I am happy to share below.

• View and download Turkey PDF Tutorial

• Crayons or paint or markers
• Sharpie, black, fine point

1. Print a tutorial for each student. Guide lines are added to a sheet of paper before the drawing is started. Folding the paper in half both ways will do the trick, or you can print them lightly with a printer too. Students follow the tutorial to draw the turkey.

2. The drawing is traced with a Sharpie marker. Erase the extra pencil lines when the drawing is complete.

3. Color the drawing carefully with crayons, or paint, or draw with markers.






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  1. Angela

    Super Cute idea! Thank you for providing the step by step directions to create this project. My first graders will have a great time doing this project.

    Will you be creating more art projects related to science and math?

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