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Draw a Haunted House, Step by Step

When students learn how to draw a haunted house step by step, they can practice their architectural drawing while making their houses look extra spooky.SaveSaveSave

how to draw a haunted house


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There are lots of fun and easy ones in my new HALLOWEEN DRAWING ebook. It contains 25 tutorials that help young artists draw new shapes, and the more experienced with a place to begin before adding their own twists, and details, and shadows.

Each project includes easy to follow step-by-step tutorial, a full size line drawing for reference, and finished color sample. Just click on the title or book to learn more.


You could begin with a discussion of what so-called haunted houses have in common: they are usually old, have lots of add-ons, broken windows, and a generally dark palate. Students make their drawing according to the tutorial.

The art is traced with a permanent marker.

Lastly, the drawing is to be painted using lots of dark and dreary colors. Spooky!

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