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Draw an X-Ray Fish

Here’s how to draw an X-Ray fish, which are transparent, but occasionally gold and silver too. Use a metallic marker and crayon to get this shimmery look.

draw an x-ray fish
Drawing of X-Ray Fish

If you’re working your way through the alphabet, then I wanted to offer “X” solution with this X-Ray fish lesson. Turns out these guys go by lots of different names, but most often the x-ray one because of their transparent bodies.

In real life, I think you can see their body organs too, but that sounds kind of messy and complicated. Why not just concentrate on their silvery look with the help of a silver metallic marker around some bright crayon color. It’s a nice change from the usual black, and adds a bit of sparkle too.

draw an x-ray fish
Preview of the step by step X-Ray Fish tutorial



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw an X-Ray Fish

  1. Draw the eye-shaped body.

  2. Add a tail.

  3. Draw some fins and a face line.

  4. Draw the center backbone.

  5. Add small bones on either side.

  6. Draw a mouth and large eye.

  7. Add lines to the tail. Draw the sand line.

  8. Add rocks, plants and bubbles.

  9. Trace with metallic markers and color with crayons.

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