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Easy How to Draw a Princess Tutorial

Learn how to draw a princess with big hair and an even bigger dress! A step by step tutorial makes it easy for artists of all ages.

How to Draw a Princess
Drawing of a Princess

Thankfully, children now have a lot more choices when it comes to drawing a princess. No need to make the same Cinderella-like version over and over again when countless books and movies now offer so many more variations of beautiful young women to admire and to draw.

This tutorial is made for young artists that like to draw the classic big hair, puffy dress, and tiara, of course. Encourage them to add lots of fancy extras like more flowers on the dress, jewelry on her neck and more diamonds on her crown. There’s no one right way to draw a princess!

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How to Draw a Princess

Materials for a Princess Drawing

Directions to Draw a Princess Step by Step

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Princess

  1. Draw a U shape.

  2. Add the neck and bodice of the dress.

  3. Start the top of the skirt.

  4. Add the bottom of the skirt.

  5. Draw two arms.

  6. Add the hair around the head.

  7. Draw the face and ears.

  8. Add the eye details, crown and floor.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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