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How to Draw an Easy Airplane

Here’s how to draw an easy airplane that carries just a couple of passengers, instead of your average jumbo jet. They have a lot of shapes in common.

Easy Airplane drawing

Airplanes come in many shapes and sizes so it’s fun to know how to draw more than just one. Jumbo jets that carry hundreds of passengers are on one end of the spectrum, and single engine planes, on the other.

This tutorial shows students how to draw one of those smaller type planes, one that can carry just a couple of people. The wings and tail are the same as a jumbo jet but for this plane, the front end keeps a more old-fashioned look. The blunt shape and extra large propeller account for that.

With a bit of alteration, this could be turned into one of those vintage fighter planes, or perhaps like the one Amelia Earhart flew back in her day. A little bit of detailing added to the wings and body will always give any plane an extra cool look!

Preview of step by step Easy Airplane drawing



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Airplane

  1. Draw the cone shaped body.

  2. Add the cockpit window on top.

  3. Draw one angled wing.

  4. Erase inside line. Draw the other wing.

  5. Add the fin on the back end.

  6. Add two tailplanes.

  7. Erase inside tailplanes, and add a propeller.

  8. Draw large and small surrounding clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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