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How to Draw an Old Scarecrow

Learn how to draw an Old Scarecrow with this easy step by step tutorial. The more patches on his face and clothes, the better!

How to Draw an Old Scarecrow
How to Draw an Old Scarecrow

Learning how to draw something that looks “old” is an art in itself, which many pros will probably only be happy to tell explain to anyone who asks.

In this case though, the goal is just to draw a scarecrow that doesn’t look all polished and new. What’s the fun in making one that looks like he was put up in a field yesterday?

Instead, a few clues will give a scarecrow some instant age, like mismatched button face, torn hem and lots of patches. Add a stormy sky and blowing clothes and students will have the beginnings of an old and spooky scarecrow!



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Old Scarecrow

  1. Draw the hat.

  2. Add the head and hat rim.

  3. Draw face and straw hair.

  4. Add a scarf below the head.

  5. Draw the ragged shirt.

  6. Add the pole and grass below.

  7. Add straw to the hands.

  8. Finish with shirt details, clouds.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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