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How to Draw your Dad

Learn how to draw your dad in eight easy steps. Add the features that make him unique and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift.

This cartoon style portrait simplifies lots of things, which is good, but you can still easily make adjustments to make your drawing as much like your father as possible.

I recommend following the example of the simple eyes, nose and mouth. You could, however, experiment with the width of the head, and the style of the hair. Remember, cartoon drawing is about exaggerating noticeable features, and glossing over others. You get to decide what the focus is on.

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How to draw your dadDIRECTIONS
1. Lightly draw a center guideline on the drawing paper with a pencil. Another option is to just fold the paper to get crease lines to follow. Don’t worry, if you color in everything well when you are done, the creases go away.
2. Follow the tutorial for drawing your dad.
3. Trace the drawing with a black marker.
4. Color dad, using the closest skin and hair color that you can find. An extra fun touch might be to add the collar of his favorite shirt. Sometimes it’s the little things that are most endearing.

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