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Mister Seahorse

Eric Carle’s wonderful book is a great resource for sharing a seahorse drawing easy enough for even kinders to enjoy. “Mister Seahorse” is the name.

seahorse drawing easy

This project has been on my keeper list for years now, and I even have a previous tutorial I will add below. Pictured here is the plastic embroidery mesh panels that I often use to not only add texture, but to hold wet paintings after watercolor washes have been applied. You can find them for less than $1 at most Jo-Ann’s stores.


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  1. Students draw their seahorse in pencil. See the tutorials that you can download.
  2. They trace their drawing with a black permanent marker.
  3. The drawing is placed on a plastic mesh canvas. Students use crayons to color and create a texture.
  4. The also make bubbles and waves with a white crayon.
  5. Students paint over the entire drawing with light blue liquid watercolor paint.



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