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Planet Drawing Fun

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It’s been a space-themed week at my school, thanks to Monday’s eclipse. It provided the perfect subject matter for a new black paper and metallic marker project.



Note: I found this wonderful circle template a few years ago, and they’ve done a beautiful job in helping students make precise circles. They are made of a thin plastic that will crease if mishandled, but with a warning my students have used them well for many years. I even think Laura has a teacher discount upon request. Here’s a photo of one in front of a sheet of black paper.

  1. Use the stencil and pencil on the black paper to draw lots of large and small “planets”.
  2. Add rings to one or more of the planets.
  3. Trace all the planets with a metallic marker and fill in with one or more colors.
  4. Use the silver marker to gently make lots of dots (stars) in the background.


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