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How to Draw a Puffin

Learn how to draw a Puffin and his amazingly colorful beak. It can look rather complicated, until you break it down into steps.

how to draw a Puffin
how to draw a Puffin

A great way to learn about animals that live far away from us, is to take some time out to draw them.

This guy, for instance, has a beak that only gets this colorful during the spring. The rest of the time it is actually rather gray, or so I have read. And his large webbed feet are what make him such a good swimmer.

Although puffins are not classed as an endangered species, populations in some places are getting smaller. The main threats are overfishing and pollution, mostly due to oil spills. Not only does the oil make these beautiful birds sick, it destroys their waterproof feathers, which are needed for their survival.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Puffin

  1. Make the guidelines. Draw the head with point side.

  2. Start the belly underneath.

  3. Finish by drawing the back.

  4. Add the wing.

  5. Draw two feet. Add an eye and beak lines.

  6. Add all the details.

  7. Draw a land mass behind the puffin.

  8. Finish with water lines and a sun.

  9. Trace with a marker and color with a crayon.

how to draw a Puffin

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