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How to Draw a Lemur

Learn how to draw a lemur, with this step by step tutorial. Those big eyes and striped tail make such a cute and unusual looking character.

how to draw a lemur
how to draw a lemur

Lemurs are native only to the island of Madagascar. Most are small, have a pointed snout, large eyes, a long tail, and chiefly live in trees. A very popular kids movie about Madagascar once featured a lot of these creatures too.

But no matter what brought you to them, I think they make for a great drawing project as all the features are recognizable, they just happen to be arranged in a unique way on this very cute animal.


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  1. Fold the paper in half two times to get guidelines.
  2. Draw the lemur according to the steps on the tutorial.
  3. Trace the drawing with a black marker.
  4. Color the body and background with crayons.

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