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How to Draw like Edward Hopper

Learn how to draw like Edward Hopper with this easy step by step tutorial. His landscape paintings were admired for the feelings they evoked.

Hopper art project
Hopper Drawing

Edward Hopper, an American painter, was famous for his realistic landscapes and cityscapes that always seemed to have a lonely, isolated quality to them.

Hopper’s paint skills were famously detailed and delicate, not the stuff that elementary students need to take on, but his compositions can always teach a thing or two.

This project will help students learn how to draw one of his famous “Lighthouse Hill” paintings. The house and tower have been simplified, but by eliminating leaving out details like trees, rocks, and clouds, a similar Hopper-like lonely feeling can still be conveyed.

TIP: This is a great time to bring out those super light gray crayons. They may often seem too light for other jobs, but happen to be the perfect shade for these shadows.

Hopper art project
Preview of step by step Hopper tutorial
Hopper Coloring Page



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw like Hopper

  1. Draw a horizon line and start the house.

  2. Frame more of the house.

  3. Finish the house with windows and more.

  4. Draw the base of the lighthouse.

  5. Start the tower.

  6. Add the window cap on the top.

  7. Draw window top details.

  8. Add the round panel near the top.

  9. Trace, color and add shadows.

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