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How to Draw Simple Mushrooms

Show your students how to draw mushrooms with this step by step tutorial, and then turn it into a watercolor resist project. Crayons add some fun extra texture.

How to Draw Mushrooms
How to draw Mushrooms
How to Draw Mushrooms

Learning how to draw is a gradual process of learning to notice details. Two of these mushrooms offer a simple profile, but the middle one shows students how easy it is to make something look a bit more round, as mushrooms really are. All it takes is tilting the cap up a bit so you can see how the stem attaches in the center, and the edges spiral out from it.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Mushrooms

  1. Draw the center mushroom stem.

  2. Draw the oval around the stem.

  3. Add the cap and inside circle.

  4. Draw two side caps on both sides.

  5. Add stems and grass line.

  6. Start the snail on top.

  7. Add snail eyes and swirl.

  8. Trace with marker and add crayon lines.

  9. Paint with watercolors.

Thank you cre8ive_sol! Love your drawing!
Student sample: A first grader named Turner made this adorable mushroom painting with my tutorial.

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