christmas card drawing ideas
The one issue with oil pastels is that they like to smudge together, especially when black is around. But rather than fight it, why not embrace it’s shadowy look?

Candles play a center role in all kinds of celebrations this time of year, so I’m going to see what my kids cn do with a warm candle on a cool, fractured background.





  1. Draw or trace a large window shape on your paper.
  2. Draw a large candle inside. Make sure it comes up from the bottom of the window.
  3. Draw lots (but not too many!) of connecting diagonal lines inside the window.
  4. Color the candle with warm colors (red, yellow or orange).
  5. Color the shapes in the window with cool colors (blues and greens).
  6. Trace all the lines in the drawing with a black oil pastel.

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