Little 3D Buildings

This simple building drawing teaches students how to turn a rectangle into a 3D form. It’s great for reviewing right angles, parallel lines, shapes vs. forms and more. MATERIALS • Card stock paper • Black card stock paper • Paper cutter • Black Sharpie marker • Stabilo Markers DIRECTIONS 1. Cut nine 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles from white card stock … Read More

Draw a Parasaur Dinosaur

Parasaurs were herbivores and had large head crests they used for trumpeting. Here’s how to draw one standing on his back legs. MATERIALS View and download Parasaur Tutorial Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Draw the dinosaur according to the tutorial instructions Trace the drawing with a black marker Color the drawing neatly with crayons.

Day of the Dead Drawing

Day of the Dead is also known as All Souls Day, and is celebrated in Mexico to pray for and remember friends and family members that have passed away. MATERIALS • Black card stock paper • Pencil • Scissors to cut template • Crayola Metallic Markers • View and download Skull template DIRECTIONS PREP: Print out a skull template 1. … Read More

Draw a Fox

Here’s a fox drawing easy enough for elementary age students. The shapes are simple, but added shading can challenge more experienced artists. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker • Pencil crayons or crayons DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw the fox according to the tutorial. 2. The drawing is traced with a black marker. 3. The fox is colored in with … Read More

Bird in a Cage Tutorial

Here’s my tutorial on my “Bird in a Cage” watercolor project from earlier this week. I’m growing really fond of using both permanent markers and crayons before painting as you get the boldness of the marker lines plus the “artsy” look of the crayons. MATERIALS Watercolor paper Crayons Sharpie marker Liquid watercolor paint   DIRECTIONS 1. Draw an upside down … Read More

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Art Projects for Kids