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Draw a Winter Town

This lesson on how to draw a winter town is fun for those that enjoy drawing buildings. I’ve found it especially helpful for students to use grid paper.


draw a winter town

Why not add a little old fashioned twist to some simple architecture drawing practice? Those tall old Victorian type buildings have some much more character than your average contemporary house.

If your students just need a little help drawing straight lines, without a cumbersome ruler, then you’re in luck. My tutorial has a grid page that you can print out for them. It makes for a much neater drawing, as is actually what many professional architects use too.

After all those straight building lines are in place, then encourage some creative thinking about just who might be living in these houses, and what their lives might be like.


Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Winter Town

  1. Draw ground and add rectangles above it.

  2. Draw curved roof tops and the side of one house.

  3. Divide houses into floors and add snow around the ground.

  4. Draw long stairways and rounded doors.

  5. Add old fashioned windows.

  6. Add details to the roof tops.

  7. Add details of bricks, roof windows and flowers.

  8. Draw a cloud and sun.

  9. Trace and color with crayons.

draw a winter town

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